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Full-Length Sermons (Audio and Video) 

"What's Wrong with Christian Rock?"
The entire one-hour video in RealVideo format. This presentation considers such CCM stars as Mylon Le Fevre, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Carman and Petra. Why not take a look?  Right-click here and select 'save target as' to download. 
"My Testimony"
Jeff Godwin's testimony in RealAudio format.  This recording evidences the power of the Lord Jesus Christ in the life of someone who was once held captive by addiction to drugs, alcohol and rock music.  Right-click here and select 'save target as' to download.
Jeff Godwin Interview on VCY America 8/4/94
Jeff Godwin interviewed by Vic Elliason on VCY America on the subject of CCM (Used with permission).  Right-click here and select 'save target as' to download. 
Jeff Godwin debate with Glenn Kaiser of Rez Band
Jeff Godwin in debate with Glen Kaiser of Rez Band. The program was chaired by Vic Elliason on VCY America and is used with permission.  Right-click here and select 'save target as' to download. 

Extracts from the book "What's Wrong with Christian Rock?"
What's Wrong With Christian Rock's Fruit? 
(Chapter One). Jeff Godwin examines the fruit of "Christian Rock".
What's Wrong With Copying the World? 
Jeff Godwin compares "Christian Rock" with "Secular Rock". Chapter 6 of What's Wrong With Christian Rock?
What's Wrong With My Excuses? 
Jeff Godwin takes the ten most popular "excuses" for Christain rock music and answers them. Chapter 16 of What's Wrong With Christian Rock?
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Other Articles
Statement of Faith
A brief outline of Jeff Godwin's doctrinal stance.

Visit to Northern Ireland 
A report on Jeff Godwin's 1997 visit to N.I. 

Ageing Hippies and a Dead-End Dream
A short consideration of today's CCM industry. 

Welcome to the Freakshow
An examination of DC-Talk. 


Tapes produced by Jeff Godwin
A number of short audio clips are included here in downloadable format from sermons which cover a wide range of subjects relevant to music. If you would like a tape recording of the complete message, please contact us.
My Testimony
A short clip from the testimony of Jeff Godwin. The entire message certainly is well worth listening to!(30 sec, 62KB)
Flesh or Spirit
Discerning what is of the flesh and what is of the Spirit in the music we use to worship God. (31 sec, 64KB)
What's Wrong with Christian Rock?
Soundtrack of the video of the same title. Exposes many of the fallacies of the CCM scene. (55 sec, 113KB)
New Age in Rock Music
Examines how New Age philosophies have infiltrated both the secular and "Christian" Rock music scenes. (38 sec, 79KB)
Roots of Rock
Traces the history of rock music from its earliest days to the present. (39 sec, 81KB)
Rock Obsession
Clearly shows that even Top 40 air-play music is corrupt. (34 sec, 70KB)
Rebellion: The Rock 'n' Roll Revolution
Deals with the subject of rebellion in rock music. (45 sec, 93KB)
Other audio clips are available at our Sermon Clips page.

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